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Brook Silverside
Brook Silverside, Labidesthes sicculus

These are small, slender, flattened, silvery-stripe fishes with large eyes that are comprised mostly of surface, schooling marine species. Of the 160 species, only three are found in freshwaters in North America, and the brook silverside is the only one found in Virginia. These small stream fishes add to the aquatic diversity and can be improtant prey fish for sport fishes in Southern reservoirs.
Physical Description: 
�	Elongate, slender, compressed body
�	Terminal mouth, beak-like jaw 
�	Silver-striped side, translucent body, green-blue iridescence on body
�	2 dorsal fins
�	Large eye
�	Sharp, conical teeth
�	Long anal fin
�	Second anal and dorsal fins concave
�	Forked tail fin

Similar species: 
�	Inland silverside (Menidia beryllina)

Mean body size:
�	Adults are 65-90 mm standard length 

�	Lakes, large rivers, reservoirs, and creeks
�	Schools in clear water at the surface

Distribution in VA:
�	Clinch and Powell rivers of the Tennessee drainage

Food Habits:  
�	Microcrustaceans, aquatic and terrestrial insects

Reproductive Habits: 
�	Short-lived, 2 years, grows quickly
�	Spawning occurs in May and June at 17-23OC
�	Fecundity is 450-785 eggs per female
�	Females approach the males; male has an intromittent organ that he uses to internally fertilize the female's eggs
�	Eggs during the glide down and eggs attach to objects in the water

Population Status, Economic, or Ecological Importance: 
�	Special concern status in Virginia due to its localization and rarity in this state


Jenkins, R.E and N.M. Burkhead. 1993. Freshwater Fishes of Virginia. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland.
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