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Trout-Perch, Percopsis omiscomaycus

Only two species, the trout perch and the sandroller, comprise this family in North America. The trout perch is found in the Potomac River drainage in Virginia. These fish have a large, unscaled head, a spiny dorsal fin, and an adipose fin. These small stream fishes add to the aquatic diversity and serve as links in the food chain and indicators of water quality. In northern lakes, the trout perch is an important prey fish for walleye and other sport fishes.
Physical Description: 
�	Well-developed adipose fin
�	Lateral row of dark spots
�	Elongate body, slightly compressed
�	Single dorsal fin
�	Forked tail fin
�	Translucent skin, sometimes with a silver and purple iridescence

Similar species: 
�	Western sand roller (P. transmontanus)

Mean body size:
�	Adults are 80-110 mm standard length 

�	Lakes, streams, and rivers over mud, sand, and rocky bottoms

Distribution in VA:
�	Potomac drainage

Food Habits:  
�	Algae, small crustaceans, insects, mollusks, and small fish

Reproductive Habits: 
�	Mature around age 1 or 2
�	Spawn in late April and May at 15OC
�	Spawning occurs in riffles in streams or in shallow areas of lakes over sand or gravel
�	Massive die-offs of older males occur after spawning
�	Fecundity is 126-1,329 eggs per female

Population Status, Economic, or Ecological Importance: 
�	Extirpation has occurred due to predation by gamefishes 


Jenkins, R.E and N.M. Burkhead. 1993. Freshwater Fishes of Virginia. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland. 

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